Struggling to Get More Customers?

Here comes LOCAL HERO to the Rescue!

Getting the IDEAL CLIENTS to your website and turning them into paying customers is what we do best!

  • No Marketing Skills Required
  • Works Amazingly for Any Type of Business
  • Saves You Hours in Ad Creation and Testing
  • Eliminate the Need to Work With Freelancers
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The Only All-in-One Lead Generation and Nurturing Platform for...

Small Businesses

Small business owners can efficiently manage customer relationships, automate marketing campaigns, and handle invoices, proposals, and payments with ease. The missed call text back ensures customers are immediately engaged.

Real Estate Professionals

The platform's CRM automation ensures that every interaction with a home seller, buyer, or investor is tracked and optimized. Maintain a consistent and engaging presence across various platforms. Leverage AI to create high-converting ads for you in all major platforms.


The platform's sales automation, including workflows and triggers, can help contractors in lead generation and qualification. Reach your target audience without needing extensive marketing knowledge or resources. Never have to worry about showing up to an appointment without advanced notice.

What will Local Hero do for you?

Marketing Automation
Create Ads with AI

Highly trained AI content generator to post unique ads in your favorite platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube!). Automate your marketing campaigns with easy, even if you have never launched ads before! Plus, it will generate the graphics to go with it!

CRM Automation
Customer Relationship Management

Automate your customer service operations ensuring that every customer interaction is tracked and optimized for better engagement and loyalty. No lead left-behind.

Small Business Automation
Funnel and Website Template Library

Choose from a variety of professionally designed templates. With Local Hero, create stunning websites and funnels that resonate with your target audience.

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Phone System Automation
Missed Call Text Back

Automate your response to missed calls. Local Hero helps you retain potential customers by instantly engaging them with a text back.

Sales Automation
Workflows & Triggers

Customize and automate your sales process, including lead generation, lead qualification, and customer relationship management keeping your sales team proactive and productive.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation
Lead Management

Get a 360-degree view of your leads' journey, enhancing your ability to close deals. Local Hero's Omnichannel approach ensures consistent messaging across all platforms, improving lead nurturing and conversion.

Social Media Scheduling Automation
Social Media Planner

Plan and schedule your social media content with ease. Utilize our highly-trained AI content generator to craft the message that will speak to your audience saving you time and helping you maintain a consistent online presence.

Online Reviews Automation
Reputation Management

Automate the process of gathering and managing online reviews, boosting your credibility. Control your online narrative. You can manage reviews, respond to feedback, and maintain a positive brand image.

Financial Automation
Invoices, Proposals, and Payments

Creating invoices, proposals, and processing payments is hassle-free, giving you more time to focus on growth. This ensures faster payments and better cash flow.

So… Why Local Hero?

We both know it – no one loves creating ads.
It involves sitting for hours to think about captivating copy, designing images, A/B testing, and more.
Often, it ends in failure. This is not what you signed up for when you opened a business. Now, you need a freelancer.
But which one?… where can you find someone who’s good, affordable, and reliable? In one word – headache.

This is where Local Hero comes in handy. All the marketing you need, in one place. Saving you time, money, and most importantly – giving you the freedom to actually do your job, and spend time with your loved ones with peace of mind. Local Hero does it all for you!

Without Local Hero:

  • Struggling to get more customers
  • Hiring freelancers who don’t understand your business or audience
  • Spending money and time on tasks neither you nor I love
  • Headache

With Local Hero?

  • Our amazing platform can deliver a steady flow of customers
  • No freelancers, no deadlines, no paychecks, and no trust issues with your life’s work
  • Focus on your job, family, and hobbies
  • Peace of Mind!




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Interactive Q&A Sessions

Note: Paid one-on-one support is available for account holders.




$ 149 / per month

AI-Powered Ads
Automations & Workflows
Website & Funnel Builder
SMS & Email Templates Creation
Web Chatbot
Email Marketing
GMB Messaging
Social Media Planner
Calendar Management
Reputation Management
Basic Reporting
Missed Call Text Back
Access to our client portal
Two-Way Texting & Email Conversation
Call-as-You-Need: $0.07/min
Text-as-You-Need: $0.045 for Each Text Sent
One Free Onboarding Call

*Ad spend is not included in the pricing above. 

Business Owners Love LOCAL HERO!

Here’s what they say…

"Local Hero CRM streamlines tasks, boosts efficiency, and strengthens customer relationships—ideal for managing operations and fostering growth."
Small business owner
“Local Hero CRM's robust features empower sales teams, facilitating lead management, tracking, and analytics for a competitive edge in client acquisition and retention.”
Green Smith
Sales professional
“Local Hero CRM's user-friendly interface aids in project organization, client communication, and payment tracking, simplifying freelance work and enhancing productivity.”
"Local Hero CRM's customizable tools help nonprofits manage donors, events, and communications efficiently, fostering community engagement and supporting their mission effectively."
Jhon Kane
Nonprofit coordinator

Tools That Local Hero integrates

frequently asked questions

What services does Local Hero offer?

Local Hero provides a range of services including marketing automation, CRM automation, small business automation, phone system automation, sales automation, omnichannel marketing automation, social media scheduling automation, online reviews automation, and financial automation.

Yes, Local Hero is designed to work amazingly for any type of business, helping in areas like ad creation, testing, and customer engagement, regardless of the industry.

Absolutely! Local Hero offers a mobile app compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Local Hero does integrate with Zapier. Feel free to ask us about our Zapier plan for unlimited zaps at $90/month.

There is no sign-up fee at all. You can start exploring our services with our free trial at absolutely no cost.

Certainly! Our team is ready to assist you with the entire setup process to ensure you’re comfortable and ready to go.

For any queries not covered here, please feel free to call our support line at (610) 600-9484, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Think of Local hero as your marketer, personal assistant, customer relations advisor, and more!

It does what all the mentioned do for you, based on the smartest model of ChatGPT
(well, except for making your coffee… but you can use the money you save to purchase a great coffee machine!)